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To add a unique touch to any outfit, jewelry is the most effective way to do so. And, with so many types of jewelry available to avail, it has never been easier to include these accessories into your style. Though small in their form, the rings will always remain a remark jewelry piece for wearers across the globe. There are few other assets that can hold such meaning, Especially when it comes to engagement, wedding, and forever rings.

But one trend that has recently taken the world by storm is known as the stacking ring trend. To hop on this trend, you can buy affordable 14k gold stackable rings from a trusted and reputed shop. In this blog, we'll walk you through how to wear stackable rings differently.


How to Wear Stackable Rings

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The Ring Stacking collection can be viewed as a highly rated pick and mix, allowing you to incorporate your favorite pieces to create a gorgeous look. Stackable rings come in different shapes, sizes, and designs from which you can choose according to your lifestyle. Go through the following styling tips:

1. Make it personal - The rings you choose should fit your personality and your own style. This means you should select the types that stand out to you the most, not those you think others would like.

2. Be creative - The amazing thing about stacking rings is that you can be as creative as you want with them. Want to make a subtle look by stacking plain skinny bands? No problem. Want to go colorful by mixing three different gems? That's fine too.

3. Less is more - Select your statement finger and begin with your ring stacking. Be careful; if you start putting rings on each finger, things can get a bit congested. We especially like the look that comes from stacking two or three rings on one finger, followed by a standalone ring next to it. It creates a beautiful look that can be worn from day to night.

4. Mix metals - When done properly, mixing metals can create a very attractive look. You don't need to do extreme with this, but why not try mixing a gold band with silver? Due to the fragile nature of the pile rings, the mixture of these metals will not come off like much of a collision.


The Key Takeaway

There is a lot of variety to play with stacking rings. And now you are aware of how to wear a stackable ring; you have all the information you need to achieve the style. Now order your 14k gold stackable rings from Purity Shine Corp. Each stacking ring is made of the best quality and is available at reasonable prices. Explore our stackable rings collection to make a purchase.

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